Red Carpet Service

For Business Accounts Only

Here at FoodFest Depot, our main priority is the service and care of our customer's. We strive to keep our customer's satisfied and always try to improve our skills and offerings. We know that running a business of your own is highly time consuming and let's be honest, not everyone has enough time to spare shopping around. That's why we've developed what is called a RED CARPET SERVICE for all of our business accounts. A service that works for you.

You simply create your shopping list as you would regularly, call us up on our direct line, (718)-993-2020, and place your order. once your order is placed, it will be given to a staff member to be put together and brought up to the front. Once you approve your order after checking it, the order is finalized and ready for checkout. The purpose of this service is to help businesses be more productive by spending time where it needs to be spent.

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